By: Cecily Anne Paterson
Genre: YFS - School stories (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Wombat Books
Published: 1 May 2020
ISBN: 9781925563900


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Lola is Centre on the netball court, and knows how to keep the team working together from the middle.

But netball is not the only situation Lola is always stuck in the middle of—what with her parents fighting all the time, and not to mention her best friends hating each other.

When her netball team looks like they might be in the State Finals, Lola steps up as captain. But she’s got bigger problems of her own when the doctor says that she might have to stop playing netball all together.

Lola feels like she’s losing from all sides. Can she ever stand up for herself? Or will she always be stuck in the middle?

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Lola has moved schools a lot because her Dad is in the navy. She finally feels settled at Kangaroo Valley Primary and has joined the netball team and made good friends.

When she hears her Mum and Dad fighting, she starts to worry. Add to that the problem of being diagnosed with diabetes, and trying to get her life back to normal, and Lola feels caught in the middle of everyone.

This is a great story about dealing with a life threatening illness and standing up to your friends, even when it’s hard.

Lola is a resilient character who always tries to keep the peace, but learns that sometimes you have to face your problems head on.

Reviewed by Michelle