By: Weng Wai Chan
Genre: YFC - Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Text Publishing
Published: 2 Jul 2019
ISBN: 9781925603910


It’s Singapore in 1940, war is just around the corner—but twelve-year-old Lizard doesn’t know that. He lives in Chinatown above a tailor’s shop, surviving on his wits and hustling for odd jobs.

When he steals a small teak box containing a Japanese code book from a Raffles Hotel suite, he finds himself in a dangerous world of wartime espionage. Lizard doesn’t know who to trust. How is the mysterious book inside the box connected to his friend Lili, a girl full of secrets and fighting skills? Can he trust her, or will she betray him in the end?

Lizard’s Tale is an action-packed adventure for middle-grade readers, set in a British colony in Asia as the Japanese invasion of Singapore looms.


This is an extremely fast-paced action mystery that will keep readers enthralled.

Lizard is a young boy just trying to get by on his own, after his Uncle Archie mysteriously disappeared, although Lizard has never given up hope that he might one day find him.

Set in Singapore in 1940, Lizard has done what it takes until now to survive, including stealing when he had to. But one small, stolen teak box suddenly thrusts him into the  middle of international spy games. Could any of this possibly be linked to Uncle Archie’s  disappearance?

It is a fantastic first novel by Weng Wai Chan and gives a wonderful insight into life during this time. It has fabulous and strong characters, with many twists and turns, and you will find yourself just wanting Lizard and his Uncle Archie to be ok in the end!

It will be enjoyed by all readers in Year 5  -  Year 8.

Reviewed by Sam