By: Catherine Bateson
Genre: Y - Children's, teenage & educational
Published by: Allen & Unwin
Published: 03 Jan 2017
ISBN: 9781760293635


What do you wear to Paris? Ami and I discussed it for hours but I still couldn't think of anything suitable. Ami said a trench coat with nothing underneath but your best underwear. That was only if some boy was meeting you at the airport, I said…

Eighteen-year-old Lisette has just arrived in Paris (France!) - the city of haute couture and all things stylish - to practise her French and see great works of art. Her clairvoyant landlady Madame Christophe forces her to attend language lessons with a bunch of international students but soon Lise discovers she's more interested in studying boys than art or verbs…

When the undeniably hot Anders jogs into her life it feels too good to be true. Things get even more complicated when she is pursued by Hugo, a charming English antiques dealer…

Can she take a chance and follow her own dreams? How far into the future can Madame Christophe see? And could Lise really be falling in love - in Paris?


This is a coming of age, finding your place in the world novel that lovers of fashion and travel will be instantly drawn to.

Eighteen year old Lisette is on a journey to Paris to spend the summer learning French, studying art and seeing the world. Whilst there she encounters some wonderful characters, such as her landlady and clairvoyant Madame Christophe, and Anders, the charming but cheating German. She has friends Goldie and Mackenzie from French class who could become friends for life. And then there’s Hugo from the UK, who Lisette falls for. But should she change her travel plans and follow him home, where she could also meet some of her own family connections. What’s a girl to do?

Easy to read and full of beautiful things. Paris, romance, fine art, culture and high fashion, this will be best suited to girls 14+.

Reviewed by Rob