Subtitle: Book 1
By: Dave Rudden
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Penguin
Published: 18 Apr 2016
ISBN: 9780141356600


Grey placed his finger in the middle of the shadow. 'What's this?' he asked. Denizen frowned. 'It's a shadow.' 'No, it isn't,' Grey said. 'It's a door.'

Denizen Hardwick doesn't believe in magic - until he's ambushed by a monster created from shadows and sees it destroyed by a word made of sunlight. That kind of thing can really change your perspective.


Denizen Hardwick lives in an orphanage where his life is always the same, with no surprises. Until one day an Aunt he didn’t know he had announces that he is going to visit her.

When he gets picked up by her friend Grey, Denizen’s world is turned upside down as they encounter a monster made from shadows, which Grey promptly gets rid of with a word made of sunlight!

Denizen quickly realises that there is a whole new world beyond what he knows and he is now stuck in the middle of it all.

A fantastic new fantasy novel that is action packed, with great characters and plot twists, as well as a touch of humour. This was an extremely enjoyable book that will suit readers in Year 7 and up. I can’t wait for the sequel, which I hope won’t be far away.

Reviewed by Michelle