By: Frank Woodley
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Penguin Australia
Published: 29 Jul 2015
ISBN: 9780143308546


From Frank Woodley, much-loved comedian, storyteller and talented artist, comes a hilarious series about an inquisitive young girl, a cheeky currawong bird and a bumbling detective.

Kizmet, Gretchen and Detective Spencer are called to investigate serious claims of livestock being attacked by a creature in the bush . . . and the possible sighting of a Tasmanian tiger.

But Tassie tigers are extinct, aren't they?

Can Kizmet get to the bottom of this mystery?


This is a fun new detective series with a difference.

Told from the perspective of Gretchen, the currawong bird, we follow Kizmet and her bumbling father, Detective Spencer on an adventure in Tasmania to find out if the reported sightings of the extinct Tasmania Tiger are true.

Although it may be Kizmet’s father that is the Detective of IMPACT—International Mysteries, Puzzles And Crimes Taskforce, it is Kizmet who is the real detective. Can she work out if the Tasmania Tiger is real or if there is something else going on? Between Dr Cecil Spencer, with his lisp that will have all the children trying to work out what he is actually saying, his assistant Alice and Mrs Berbay, the owner of the soft drink company Tiger Pop, where do the real answers lie?

This is a story that readers aged 8 + will enjoy.

Reviewed by Sam