Subtitle: Juno Jones #1
By: Kate Gordon
Illustrated by: Sandy Flett
Genre: YB - Picture books, activity books & early learning material
Published by: Yellow Brick Books
Published: 30 Apr 2019
ISBN: 9780994557094


A DISASTER HAS HAPPENED! Muttonbird Bay School might be closing. I mean, FOREVER.

Juno Jones loves her school, but the Men in Suits want to close it down! And there's only one thing Juno and her classmates can do to stop it... READ! Which is perfectly fine for  people like Perfect Paloma, Smelly Bella and Genius George, but Juno Jones is a kid who doesn't like reading.

It might take the unthinkable to make it happen – to save her school, Juno Jones will need to become a WORD NINJA! 


This is the first title in a great new series that is aimed at all reluctant readers!

Juno Jones is a girl who does not like to read. She has a vivid imagination and in her words, she likes to ‘climb, make jokes, draw cartoons and occasionally be a ninja’.

When Juno’s school is threatened with closure, her teacher, Miss Tippett, comes up with a plan to save the school  -  reading! She believes that reading is the only way that they can get ‘smarter’ and unless they do Muttonbird Bay School will close forever.

This plan does not sit well with Juno at all! So she comes up with her own plan - and so ‘Juno Jones Word Ninja’ is born.

This is a fabulous, fun story that is not only about reading, but it is also about friendship and standing up for others. It will be enjoyed by those 7 and up.

Reviewed by Sam