Subtitle: Jinxed, #1
By: Rebecca McRitchie
Illustrated by: Sharon O'Connor
Genre: YFH - Fantasy & magical realism (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Harper Collins
Published: 19 Aug 2019
ISBN: 9781460757642


Magic awaits around every corner... Cora is eleven years old and missing one eye. She lives with an elderly lady named Dot in a room hidden behind a wall. In a crowded, industrial city, where everyone looks out for themselves, Cora and Dot hunt and sell rare and exotic things - apple seeds, silver forks, shoe polish. Until one day, Cora finds a few words scribbled on a piece of paper. She takes it home and says the words aloud.

Then two plump, hairy fairies named Tick and Tock crash land in her path to warn her that she is in terrible danger. Cora has unknowingly summoned a   sinister creature known as a Jinx. Jinxes eat magical beings and once they have a scent, they never forget it. But Cora isn't a magical being . . . is she?

Quickly, Cora is thrown headfirst into a world filled with magic, necromancers, shape-shifters, enchantresses, fairies, nightwalkers, witches and giants.


Cora is a young girl growing up in a dark and dangerous world. She lives with an old lady named Dot, who found Cora when she was young, and together they look out for each other.

But when Cora returns to their home one day and finds everything destroyed, and Dot and her  beloved cat Scratch gone, her world is turned upside. Two fairies emerge, Tick and Tock, who advise her that she is danger. She has somehow unleashed a Jinx, and it is after her! But why Cora? Can the fairies help her discover who and what she really is?

What follows is a fast-paced adventure, through magical lands that are full of danger and all sorts of magical and mythical creatures.

Cora must learn to control the magic that she has discovered within her, and find courage, strength and confidence that she didn’t know she had.

This is truly a wonderful, action-packed fantasy story that will have you wishing and hoping that Cora, and her new loyal friends Tick and Tock, can survive.

Readers from middle primary and up will thoroughly enjoy this new series.

Reviewed by Sam