By: Jeremy Lachlan
Genre: YFCB - Thrillers (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Hardie Grant Books
Published: 1 Aug 2018
ISBN: 9781760501815


Step inside. Don’t look back. Forward is the only way. His Dark Materials meets Mad Max in this unforgettable blockbuster adventure about the world between worlds.

When a fierce quake strikes the remote island of Bluehaven, and her father disappears, Jane Doe is thrown headfirst into an epic quest to bring him home.

But this ain’t no ordinary rescue mission. Her father is lost in a place between worlds; a dangerous labyrinth of shifting rooms, infernal booby traps and secret gateways. And Jane has to find him fast, because someone else is searching for him, too. A man who knows her father’s secrets. A man who has an army.

With a pyromaniac named Violet and the enigmatic Hickory by her side, Jane is about to discover that this adventure is even bigger on the inside than it looks ...


This is a fantastic action packed debut novel from Australian author Jeremy Lachlan.

Given a key to the cradle of the world, Jane is sent headfirst into an Indiana Jones style underground world, full of traps and evil to prevent her getting to the end. An end that she believes will reveal three keys and with them, balance can be restored to all worlds that stem from the cradle.

The characters are wonderful, particularly Jane’s best friend Violet, and the evil Roth who sucks all of the good out of everything he touches.

Strap yourself in and be prepared for an amazing ride that is full of adventure and humour. A twist at the end ensures that we will have the opportunity to travel with Jane again in a sequel, and I can’t wait!

Rarely have I read a better middle grade novel, full of action and adventure. It just a wonderful story full of fun and adventure that will be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone older than 10.

Reviewed by Rob

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