By: A.J Betts
Genre: YFG - Science fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Pan Macmillan Australia
Published: 26 Jun 2018
ISBN: 9781760556433


All I can tell you is what I remember, in the words that I have. Hayley tends to her bees and follows the rules in the only world she has ever known. Until she witnesses the impossible: a drip from the ceiling. A drip? It doesn't make sense. Yet she hears it, catches it. Tastes it. Curiosity is a hook. What starts as a drip leads to a lie, a death, a boy, a beast, and too many awful questions. Hive is the first in a gripping two-book series by award-winning and international bestselling author A. J. Betts.


Set in a future world where all people have a set task, Hayley is a young beekeeper. Life is simple in this sectioned hive-like world, but is this all there is?

But then there’s a drip of water from above, which cannot happen as God only provides water from the source. Slowly Hayley’s world unravels - but she cannot be going mad, as going mad in this world is a sure path to the end of your life. But there are so many questions and so few answers.

The judge is in charge of their world and The Son is her heir, so when Hayley and The Son start talking, she begins to uncover secrets. Secrets she cannot be allowed to know.

And this starts to prompt questions that Hayley shouldn’t be asking. This novel tackles some of life’s big questions - is this all there is? Can a world be too insular? Should questions be asked? And most importantly, who do we trust to provide us with knowledge?

It is a great first half of a two book series, from the acclaimed author of Zac & Mia (an earlier Lamont Standing Order title) that has been made into a T.V series in the U.S (hopefully it arrives here soon!).

Readers 12 and older will be engrossed and won’t be pleased to have to wait until next year for Book 2. Patience is a virtue though, and I suspect the wait will be worth it!

Reviewed by Rob

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