Subtitle: The Extra Special Group
By: Chris Morphew
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: HP Egmont
Published: 01 Mar 2015
ISBN: 9781760123826


Jack has to leave his class to go to the special spelling group.

Not everyone has to go.

What if the other kids make fun of him?


This series really is fantastic for your emerging readers.

The storylines continue to be ones that are highly relevant to your students, and this one in particular will strike a cord with every young student struggling in one area of their schooling.

Jack has to go to a special class for help with his reading. He is extremely embarrassed about this and worries what everyone else will think. He worries that they will all think he is stupid.

Jack doesn’t even tell Billie the truth. He knows he should and feels bad about it.

Jack learns some very valuable lessons about getting help and confiding in your friends.

Reviewed by Sam