By: Damean Posner
Genre: YFQ - Humorous stories (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Random House Australia
Published: 01 Jul 2015
ISBN: 9780857986535


Hi, I'm Helix. I'm twelve years old and the worst caveman-to-be that Rockfall has ever seen. I'm even less cavemanly than my lazy bonehead brother, whose hobby is grooming his nose hair. It's almost time for my Arrival.

I'll be expected to disappear into the woods and return with something big, dangerous or rare - preferably all three. My best friend Ug is preparing for his Arrival too.

He has the strength of a hungry rhinovore so he will no doubt bring back something impressive. And our friend Saleeka would pass with flying colours, except girls aren't allowed to take the test - a rule that makes her angrier than a sabre-tooth.

But me? I can't even lift a club above my shoulder. Banishment to the Dark Side, here I come . . .


Helix is small, fast and inquisitive. Ug is big, strong and can swing a club with ease. They are both preparing for their “Arrival” - a coming of age ritual. Their friend Saleeka is strong and determined— too bad girls can’t be cave men!

This is a story of growing up, facing your fears and learning to be true to who you really are and not what everyone else expects you to be.

It is also a story about not being afraid of change. Helix learns that sometimes you need to ask questions about the stories in your life.

A perfect book for your Year 5 & 6’s who are facing the change to high school and growing up.

Reviewed by Michelle