Subtitle: Book 1
By: Claire Garth
Illustrated by: Johannes Leak
Genre: 5AK - Interest age: from c 9 years
Published by: Black Inc
Published: 28 Mar 2016
ISBN: 9781863958134


Pf Book Of The Month (1)

Grover is a brave dog, but right now he's cold, wet, hungry and afraid.

After escaping from his owner's yard in a thunderstorm, Grover is taken to a local animal shelter. The people there are kind, but Grover isn't sure he'll be allowed to stay.

His owner doesn't seem to want him and Grover is scared . . .

What will happen to Grover? Where will he go?

By buying this book, you are supporting the work of The Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.


Poor Grover! When we first meet him he is hungry, cold, scared and tied up with a heavy chain outside in the rain. The Man with Big Boots is his owner and he doesn’t take good care of Grover at all.

Grover is determined to get away and when he finally gets the chance, he makes a run for it. It isn't long before he is picked up by the Ranger. But what will happen to him now? Will he be taken back to the Man with Big Boots?

The staff at the shelter show love and care for Grover and give him the type of attention he has never had before. Grover just hopes it will last!

This is a wonderful new series that animal lovers will absolutely adore, and you can’t help but fall in love with the adorable Grover.

Best suited to middle primary.

Reviewed by Sam