By: Louise Park
Genre: YF - Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories
Published by: Simon & Schuster
Published: 1 Sep 2019
ISBN: 9780648397366


When twelve-year-old Grace trades her tropical home in Western Australia for a faraway castle, Victorian costumes and a village trapped in time she thinks it’s the fresh start she desperately needs. But unsolved problems have a way of following…

A map of the castle’s secret passages sends Grace on a time-travelling mystery that will challenge her very existence and all that she loves. Can Grace save herself as well as her family? And how will some of her favourite children’s authors help her on her quest?


Grace and her Mum have embarked on a new adventure, running a five star hotel in an old English castle called ‘Castle Faerie’.

They have left their life in Australia behind, and after the drama that Grace went through at school, she is certainly happy about that!

Grace spends her days helping her Mum run the hotel, exploring the castle and the village in which they live, as well as being home schooled. Grace is very guarded and is scared to make any new friends her own age in case she gets hurt again.

But when one day Grace climbs through the laundry chute that her mother has told her to stop playing in, and she doesn't end up in the washing as she has before, but on a cold stone floor in a different time, her world is turned on its head. Where is she and how did she get there? And how is she going to get back?

This is a wonderful time slip story that is full of history, wonderful characters and famous literary figures. It is a story about helping others, gaining confidence and learning to trust again.

It will be enjoyed by those 8 years and older, particularly those with a love of history and reading.

Reviewed by Sam