By: Michael Grant
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Hardie Grant Egmont
Published: 01 Mar 2016
ISBN: 9781405283410


Fan-favourite Michael Grant is back. The best-selling author of both the Gone and the BZRK series returns to the page, bringing a very different take to one of History’s darkest times. Set in an alternate World War II, one where young women are called up to fight alongside men.

This is the story of Rio, Jenou, Frangie and Rainy. Four very different women, enlisting in the War effort for very different reasons, who share the very same goal, to bring Hitler’s reign in Europe to an end. But, not everyone believes that these girls should be sharing the front lines. 

Now Rio and her friends must fight not only to survive, but also prove their courage and ingenuity to enemies and allies alike... Because the fate of the world, and the course of history is in the hands of the girls on the Front Lines. 


Michael Grant has taken three girls from vastly different backgrounds and placed them in roles that could see them on the front line of battle during World War II.

Rio Richlin, from a small country town, volunteers to avenge the death of her sister when her naval boat was sunk. Frangie Marr is a poor black girl whose family need money and Rainy Schulterman, with her Jewish background just wants to kill Germans.

They are each proven to have a keen ability. Rio as a marksman, Frangie as a medic and Rainy in intelligence.

After intensive training, they are sent with their units to Tunisia in Northern Africa where they would individually play vital roles in a battle that would ultimately help halt the German tanks.

This is a really good read that uses language and discriminating ideologies that we would not tolerate today, but that show a world as it should be shown on its day.

The characters are great, the story wholly believable and action packed. It would be a fantastic read for all 14+ readers.

Reviewed by Rob.