By: Dianne Touchell
Genre: Y - Children's, teenage & educational
Published by: Allen & Unwin
Published: 01 Jul 2016
ISBN: 9781760110796


Foster suddenly recognised the feeling that rolled over him and made him feel sick. It was this: Dad was going away somewhere all on his own. And Foster was already missing him…

Foster Sumner is seven years old. He likes toy soldiers, tadpole hunting, going to school and the beach. Best of all, he likes listening to his dad's stories…

But then Foster's dad starts forgetting things. No one is too worried at first. Foster and Dad giggle about it. But the forgetting gets worse. And suddenly no one is laughing anymore…

A heartbreaking story about what it means to forget and to be forgotten.


It seems to lighten the load when we delve into tough topics to look at them through the eyes of the innocent. This has worked well in recent years, particularly with books like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.

Forgetting Foster is equally readable, taking us on a journey through the eyes of Foster, a seven year old boy that is a bit different, who is dealing with a father that is falling victim to Alzheimer’s disease.

Foster’s father told him stories and was his rock, his general. But all of this is changing, and Foster’s mother is not coping at all as this dreadful disease slowly chips away at his father’s health.

It is a powerful and well delivered message, that I believe is Dianne Touchell’s best work by far (and she has written CBCA shortlisted books before).

It is very real, in Dianne’s usual unflinching style, but contains much more compassion and empathy for her characters than usual, with strong themes of family, health and identity.

A great read for all teenagers.

Reviewed by Rob