By: Adam Wallace
Illustrated by: James Hart
Published by: Krueger Wallace Press
Published: 01 Mar 2017
ISBN: 9780994469366


Jackson Payne is auditioning for the school play so he can be an acting star. The problem is, instead of being a star, he's a meteorite, crashing into everything he passes! But when disaster strikes on opening night, it's up to Jackson to step in and save the day... without actually stepping ON anyone!


Our favourite good guy Jackson Payne is back and this time he wants to be in the school play!

With all the best intentions in the world, will Jackson help make the play a success or will he ruin it for everyone?

Thoroughly entertaining, with his laugh-out-loud clumsiness, Jackson will inspire you to never give up and always do your best, even when things don’t go quite according to plan...

Perfect for readers in Year 3 and up.

Reviewed by Michelle