By: Janeen Brian
Genre: YF - Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories
Published by: Walker Books
Published: 1 Jun 2020
ISBN: 9781760651879


Left in a pail at an orphanage as a baby, only something magical can save Eloise from a miserable life and give her the one she's always dreamed of.

Orphaned as a baby, Eloise Pail yearns for a family. Instead, she lives a lonely life trapped in an orphanage and made miserable by the cruel Sister Hortense. Befriended by the village blacksmith, Eloise soon uncovers some strange secrets of yesteryear and learns that something terrible may be about to happen to the village. As troubles and dangers mount, she must learn who to trust and choose between saving the village or belonging to a family of her own. Unless something truly magical happens...

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Eloise is a shining illustration of hope! Left in a pail outside an orphanage, Eloise (now 13), has never even been offered for adoption.

The oldest child in the orphanage, and regularly mistreated by the Head Nun, Sister Hortense, Eloise can only dream of a real family. Her only sunshine is the caring Sister Genevieve, and her friendship with the town blacksmith and his beautiful horse Dancy.

But then Janie arrives in the orphanage, and suddenly Eloise has a best friend. Together, they must try to uncover the ancient secrets that could help Eloise to save the village from evil.

With unicorns, corruption and the secret of Eloise’s own reason for being at the orphanage finally revealed, Eloise and the Bucket of Stars has the most delightful ending.

Covering themes of hope, courage, determination and a bit little magic, this book is ideal for readers aged 9+.

Reviewed by Rob