By: Laura Bloom and Jesse Blackadder
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Walker Books
Published: 1 May 2019
ISBN: 9781760650513


Without a saddle or bridle, all that's left is the truth. Dream Riders is an exciting new middle-grade series about horses, friendship and being true to yourself.

Frankie's dream is more like a nightmare when her new horse turns out to be Zen – a shaggy, disobedient clown of a pony, who will totally wreck her chances of fitting in at Pony Club in her new town. Zen is everything Frankie doesn't want – until the magnetic horse whisperer Shannon shows her just what Zen could be if ridden freely. Natural horsemanship opens up a whole new way of riding and a whole new world of connection between Zen and Frankie. But Frankie's dad is getting more depressed after her parents' divorce, star rider and star mean girl Violet has it in for Frankie, and her best friend Kai is keeping a secret. Then Shannon announces she's closing down her riding centre. Frankie's got an idea that could save it… but can she and Zen rise to the challenge?


Twelve-year-old Frankie has always dreamed of owning a horse and when her family moves to the country, this could be the one good thing to come out of it.

But not everything goes to plan, and Pony Club is a disaster on her pot-bellied, unresponsive horse Zen. In steps Shannon, who is a state champion rider, and she has just bought a property with the hope of starting a riding club. Shannon teaches natural horsemanship and with her help Frankie and Zen are really working well together.

But for the riding club to survive they need more members. Frankie is sure that a display at the upcoming town show will give people a reason to join. But will her plan work out?

This is a great horse book that my daughters, who were both riders, would have loved. But it is much more - with themes of fitting in, family breakups, overuse of technology, bullying and striving for your best, it is also overflowing with emotion.

The first in a series of Dream Rider stories that is sure to be popular with lots of girls aged 8—12.

Reviewed by Rob