By: Tristan Bancks
Genre: YFCF - Crime & mystery fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Penguin
Published: 5 Jul 2022
ISBN: 9781761045943


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A new nailbiter from the bestselling author of Two Wolves.

If your mum was a cop and your dad was a crim who needed your help to commit a crime, would you do it to save him? At what cost?

Nash Hall's dad is a criminal who just can't seem to go straight. He wants Nash to help him commit a robbery. A big one. The trouble is, Nash's mum is a cop. And the robbery is at Nash's school. But Dad owes a lot of money to some very dangerous people and if Nash doesn't help him do the job, it could cost both their lives.

From the bestselling author of Two Wolves, The Fall and Detenion.

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Thirteen-year-old Nash Hall knows right from wrong. After all, his Mum is a cop. Unfortunately, his Dad - a former champion boxer - doesn’t find it so easy.

They live in a country town, and Nash spends most of his time at his Dad’s and a few days a week at his Mum’s. He attends the private school in the town - at great expense to his Mum. But Nash doesn’t really fit in and only seems to find peace when he goes running.

When Nash’s Dad lands himself in the media for robbing a petrol station, Nash discovers that they have been in hiding from some bad people - people who have now arrived in town demanding payment of a huge debt or else!

What can his Dad do to get the money?

Should Nash help him?

Surely his Mum should be told?

His school principal, a runner herself, shows Nash the way through with compassion, understanding and forgiveness.

It’s really forgiveness and moving forward that is at the heart of this book. Together with themes of right verses wrong, family and obligation, this action packed story asks many questions and is another great novel from Tristan Bancks that lower secondary readers will love.

Reviewed by Rob