By: Marita Smith
Published by: Harbour Publishing House
Published: 01/05/2017
ISBN: 9781922134158


For scientist Robyn Greene, her laboratory is a second home. Here she searches for the ancient gene that is supposed to enable humans to communicate with animals. After years of failure, she’s beginning to wonder if the gene is a myth. But when she stumbles across a strange genetic mutation, Robyn’s world turns upside down. The man posing as her boss is, in fact, an operative of the mysterious international organisation, the MRI. Worse, they have dark plans to exploit her discovery.

In a race against time, Robyn must track down the individuals with this rare gene before the MRI turns them into lab rats. But when she meets the three teenagers, she realises that protecting them from the MRI is not only about saving their lives. Fletcher, Ariana and Eli are capable of more than anyone realises; they are part of an ancient cycle designed to keep the Earth in balance. A terrible future awaits the planet if the MRI gains control of Robyn and her research before she’s figured out the kindred ties that bind these teenagers.


Robyn is an intensely focused young scientist searching for a gene to enable humans and animals to communicate. She soon discovers that there are more like her scattered around the world, all acting under the watchful eye of a mentor. But who are they really working for?
When Robyn finds a boy communicating with a bear and a strange genetic mutation that enables this, she must find out if there are others. Robyn joins forces with three other scientists and they locate others communicating with animals, and discover that Robyn herself has the mutated gene. But can Robyn protect these children and shield them from the mysterious international organisation, MRI, who want to use these discoveries to gain control of the world?

This is an action packed, sci-fi novel with real contemporary issues, both on a world wide and individual basis. It is written by an Australian debut author and is the first in what will become the Kindred Ties trilogy. I can’t wait to read the other two books in the series, and I am sure science fiction enthusiasts, 14 and older, will agree with me.

Reviewed by Rob