By: N.J. Gemmell
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Random House Australia
Published: 01 Sep 2015
ISBN: 9780857987358


It's time for school camp and some spectacular, Coco-licious adventures! But two problems could ruin everything . . .

Jay Page is hiding his pet rat in his bag. Worse, Coco's best friend N wants to join Belle's group. Has Coco been UNFRIENDED? Can Miss Trample really ban Coco from the disco?

Could this camp get any worse?

Coco needs an amazing plan to make things right. Maybe the Prime Minister can help!


In this second book in this great, fun series, Coco is off on school camp to Canberra.

She is very excited, until she finds out who she is rooming with (or not rooming with to be more precise!). How could her best friend N want to be with Belle, Kourtney and Tiffany and not her? How could she UNFRIEND her?

This alone could make this the worst camp ever. Throw in missing out on the disco, having to write out the 9 times table 200 times, and having to room with Miss Trample - Coco Banjo is certainly not having the best time.

Can her positive, happy and ‘thinking outside of the box’ attitude make things right after all?

If you haven’t already fallen in love with Coco, you will after this story!

Your middle and upper level girls are sure to enjoy this and resonate with everything Coco feels.

Reviewed by Sam