Subtitle: Chippy Jackpot
By: Sam Cotton
Genre: YFQ - Humorous stories
Published by: Penguin Australia
Published: 30 Aug 2022
ISBN: 9780143778547


Who loves a delicious, hot, salty chippy? Seagull mates Steve-O, Stanley and Stacey do . . .

A hilarious graphic novel for readers aged 6+ from actor, animator and Tiktok sensation Sam Cotton.

On a sunny Sydney wharf, Stacey and Stanley watch enviously as customers feed on as many hot salty chippies as they want. Fed up with having to scab for scraps with all the other seagulls, they seek out legendary chippy thief Steve-O to help them pull off the ultimate heist . . .

But first they'll have to get past a seagull-hating chippy chef, deal with some bully bin chickens, and convince the World's Best Chippy Chaser to overcome his dark past and join the team.

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We all know that seagulls love hot chips!

So when Grangull agrees to tell the baby gulls one bedtime story, they hear about the adventures of Stanley and Stacey and their quest to get to the best hot chips around - those cooked by Brock in his famous chippy van.

In order to come up with a plan to get to the chips and to get past Brock (who hates seagulls), they decide that they are going to need some help, so they set out to track down legendary chippy chaser Steve-O. But Steve-O feels guilty after his last quest for chips ended in his best friend Sonny’s demise. But the calling of chippies is strong! Can they all work together to get their hands on the best chippy jackpot ever?

This is a great fun read for primary students. It is humorous, with themes of friendship, working together, forgiveness and believing in yourself.

Reviewed by Sam