By: Sue McPherson
Genre: F - Fiction & related items
Published by: Magabala Books
Published: 1 Jun 2018
ISBN: 9781925360929


A coming of age story about four boys and their lot in life. Recounted through storytelling sessions at their school over a period of five days, these boys chronicle their lives. They are at times demanding, occasionally rude, always funny and unexpectedly profound. The boys like to challenge themselves and the rules, and soon realise that not everything goes to plan…



Sue McPherson had the good fortune of attending Taralune High School near Noosa and interviewing some of the students. Whilst this is such an obvious way to produce a book, I loved it!

Reminiscent of Papunya and Alison Lester’s primary picture books produced through collaboration with a school community, Brontide is the wonderful result of Sue’s collaboration.

It is often hilarious, at times raw, and mostly touching, but always insightful and totally readable. This book gives us a rare, first hand look into teenage lives, set in a small, mixed cultural community. It will be picked up by reluctant readers who gravitate to books with this small word count format. And I’m sure they will find it awesome!

It is best suited to lower and middle secondary students, particularly boys.

Reviewed by Rob

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