By: Teri Terry
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Hachette Australia
Published: 22 Mar 2016
ISBN: 9781408334287


Who lies? Who tells the truth? Death hangs on the answer...  

They are trapped, frozen. Waiting. Straining against the wood that holds them. The unwary catch a glimpse now and then - feel their desperate hunger, see a glint of red eyes - and scurry out of the shadows of the wood, back to the light.

She's coming; it will be soon.

They will run free on the moors again. The Hunt will return.

And the ground will run with blood.

Tell a lie and the darkness will find you. 

Quinn and Piper are twins, but they've never met. A tragic event brings them together, and draws them into a family curse that stretches across centuries.

One twin can command the darkness; the other could hold the key to breaking the curse.

But when lies become truth and truth looks like lies, who can you believe?


Quinn and Piper are twins who have been deliberately kept apart by their mother and grandmother. So they have never met until an accident brings them together.

Quinn’s life has been incredibly hard, while Piper’s has been a breeze. But what happens when they both visit the mysterious moors where their family curse started?

Told in alternate chapters from Quinn and then Piper’s point of view, this book will keep you turning each page as the mystery of their family unfolds. Will they both be swallowed by the darkness which comes with telling lies and not knowing what is the truth or can they break free and live a normal life?

A wonderful story that your girls who love supernatural mysteries will thoroughly enjoy. It will suit students in Year 8 and up.

Reviewed by Michelle