By: Shirley Marr
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Penguin
Published: 5 Jul 2022
ISBN: 9781760899554


A big-hearted story of love and resilience, starring sisters and storytellers Peijing and Biju, a lost family finding their way, a Little World made of paper, a Jade Rabbit, and the ever-changing but constant moon.

Making mooncakes with Ah Ma for the Mid-Autumn Festival was the last day of Peijing's old life. Now, adapting to their new life in Australia, Peijing thinks everything will turn out okay for her family as long as they have each other - but cracks are starting to appear. Her little sister, Biju, needs Peijing to be the dependable big sister. Ma Ma is no longer herself; Ah Ma keeps forgetting who she is; and Ba Ba, who used to work seven days a week, is adjusting to being a hands-on dad.

How will Peijing cope with the uncertainties of her own little world while shouldering the burden of everyone else? And if Peijing's family are the four quarters of the mooncake, where does she fit in?

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Peijing and her family are leaving Singapore and moving to Australia. She is a wonderful big sister to Biju, and a dutiful daughter to her parents Ma Ma and Ba Ba, and she loves all the old stories her Ah Mah tells her.

But starting a new life is hard and if Peijing is worrying about everyone in her family, who is worrying about her?

This is a beautifully written story of a family adapting to life in a whole new place, whilst trying to keep all the best parts of the culture they left behind alive. It is heart-warming and wonderfully written, with stories that Biju has adapted from Ah Mah scattered throughout.

It is a story of family, friendship, new beginnings and growing up. Sure to become a firm favourite in libraries and classrooms, it will leave you with a smiling face long after you finish the book.

Perfect for those in Year 5 and up.

Reviewed by Michelle