By: Skye Melki-Wegner
Genre: YFC - Adventure stories (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Random House
Published: 27 Feb 2017
ISBN: 9780143780151


Natalie Palladino was a normal fifteen-year-old, at a normal school, about to face a normal maths test. Now her codename is Nomad, and she's training to become a secret agent for HELIX. No one can know that sorcery exists. No one can know that HELIX protects humanity from the Inductors. And no one can know that Nomad is a Witness, with a dangerous magical gift.

The Inductors are hunting her. If they find her, they will kill her. But there's a traitor inside HELIX, and only a Witness can identify them. The problem is, Nomad hasn't mastered her powers. She can't levitate, fight or wield magic like her fellow recruits.

If she's the only hope to stop a sorcerous bomb being detonated, the world is in trouble. The eleventh hour is coming . . .


Natalie was a perfectly normal 15 year old living with her dad in the quiet Mornington Peninsula town of Hollingvale. She went to school expecting to sit a maths test but instead she finds out that she has a secret—Natalie can do magic.

She quickly finds herself with a new code name of Nomad and is suddenly learning all about HELIX, the secret organisation tasked with saving humanity from the Inductors. Just for good measure, the Inductors would like to kill her because she has a very rare power to be able to see if a person is a sorcerer, known as a Witness.

Agent Nomad will appeal to all your fantasy lovers who enjoy magic, adventure and a strong story line. There are great characters that are developed as the story unfolds with a few surprise twists to keep you guessing. Those of you from Victoria will also notice lots of well known land marks appearing throughout the story.

This is the first title in a series, and I'm sure your students will be eagerly awaiting the next instalment. Will be best enjoyed by students in Year 8 and up.

Reviewed by Michelle