By: Eileen Merriman
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Penguin
Published: 3 Mar 2020
ISBN: 9780143774082


A missing girl, a secret diary and unsettling revelations . . .

Today is the first of September, the first day of spring, and it's been sixty-four days since I last saw Sophie Abercrombie. It's been sixty-four days since anyone saw Sophie Abercrombie. The prettiest Sophie. The missing Sophie.

As Sophie MacKenzie - Mac - confides to her diary, she last saw Sophie Abercrombie kissing James Bacon, their English teacher. Mac has passed this on to the police, but there is plenty she knows about James Bacon that she has kept to herself. She hasn't even told Twiggy, the third Sophie in their once tightknit threesome.

The Trio of Sophies is no more.


The trio of Sophies have been friends since they were at primary school. But now one of them is missing...

Told from the point of view of our main character, Sophie Mac, in rambling diary entries that start 64 days after Sophie A disappeared. The entries slowly contain information about what might have happened. But this is Mac’s diary - so this is her story and her point of view. But is Mac telling the truth about what really what happened?

This is a thrilling mystery, that is also at times confronting - a story of friendships, lies, obsession, and inappropriate student-teacher relationships, that will have you enthralled until the end.

This book does contain mature themes (including sexual references and underage drinking) so it is certainly aimed at more senior teen readers 16 +, and will mostly appeal to a female audience.

Reviewed by Sam