By: Lana Spasevski
Illustrated by: Joanie Stone
Genre: YFB - General fiction
Published by: Affirm Press
Published: 26 Jul 2022
ISBN: 9781922711953


Say hello to Sadie … a superstar baker with a big heart!

In this book, Sadie needs to:

– keep a match day promise for her soccer team.

– create a science experiment that’s also yummy!

– invent a surprise dessert for her family BBQ.

But Sadie’s sweet intentions do not always go to plan! She doesn’t have enough match day treats for everyone. Her science project is a fizzy failure. And the surprise ingredient for her BBQ dessert goes missing!

Can Sadie find a way to save the day? In these three sprinkle-filled stories (complete with recipes!) the unstoppable Sadie shows that any problem can be solved with generosity, kindness and, of course, a spoonful of something delicious.

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Sadie loves to bake and to do nice things for others. We were introduced to Sadie’s delightful ways in Book 1, A Sprinkle of Sadie, which was included in our April package, and her good deeds continue in this new instalment.

Sadie has three challenges in this book: make enough treats for the soccer team, make a successful science experiment, and come up with a delicious dessert for the family summer BBQ.

In each of the three independent stories, Sadie uses her imagination, skill and determination to try and achieve each of her tasks.

She is compassionate and always thinking of others, and when things don’t go to plan Sadie doesn’t give up - she comes up with solutions to her problems!

These are all wonderful stories of family, friendship, baking, and thinking about others. Sadie is a delightful and positive character, and this is a great read for junior primary students.

Reviewed by Sam