By: Paul Jennings
Illustrated by: Geoff Kelly
Genre: YFC - Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: A & U Children
Published: 3 Sep 2019
ISBN: 9781760528720


Pf Book Of The Month

Christopher is twelve thousand miles from home. The pub has a dirt floor and the owner is as rough as guts. The forest hides snakes, feral pigs and a dark secret. Mysterious, bold and strange. Expect the unexpected. And watch your step. Enter this place and you will be different for ever. A twisting tale from Australia's master storyteller.


When Christopher and his mum, Pat, along with their friend, Anton, cross the world in search of a new life they did not expect to find themselves at the Last Coach, a one room hotel and general store.

Set in the rainforest at the edge of the coast, this new land is nothing like where they have come from.

There are all sorts of different animals, and then there are the people who live there  -  Crayfish, The Bot and The Beard. Can Christopher trust them and will he ever get used to the strangeness of this land?

This is a beautiful story of trying to settle in a new land and having the resilience and patience to start a new life. The characters are warm hearted and likeable, and there is lots of adventure and heroics too.

This would make a great class reading book that suits all in upper primary. A thoroughly entertaining and intriguing story, as we’ve come to expect from Paul Jennings.

Reviewed by Michelle