By: Lian Tanner
Genre: YFP - Animal stories (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: A & U Children
Published: 4 Aug 2020
ISBN: 9781760877699


'GREETINGS. AM LOOKING FOR A MAJOR CRIME TO SOLVE. PLEASE INFORM ME OF ANY RE-CENT MURDERS, KIDNAPPINGS OR JEWEL HEISTS IN THIS AREA.' Clara wants to be a famous detective with her own TV show. She can read claw marks, find missing feathers and knows Morse code and semaphore. There's just one problem. She's a small scruffy chook, and no one takes her seriously. But when she teams up with Olive, the daughter of the local policeman, they might just be able to solve the crimes that have been troubling the town of Little Dismal.

A puzzling and hilarious mystery from bestselling author, Lian Tanner.

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This is an absolutely delightful book!

Clara is one special chicken who dreams of being a famous detective. The only problem is she needs some crimes to solve. So when she gets the opportunity to live with Olive, the daughter of the local policeman, her chance might finally have come.

Although a chicken who thinks she is a detective might just sound like a fun story (and it certainly is), A Clue for Clara also touches on far bigger topics that are handled beautifully.

Clara has been bullied by the other chickens all her life, but this is her chance to shine.

Olive is also dealing with her own issues. Struggling to deal with the grief of losing her mother, and the impact that her death has had on family life and Olive’s life at school, will the companionship and confidence that Clara brings be exactly what she needs to move forward?

This story, whilst touching on serious topics, is extremely humorous and will be thoroughly enjoyed by middle to senior primary students.

Reviewed by Sam