By: Randa Abdel-Fattah
Published: September 2013
ISBN: 9781742990101


Best friends Jodie, Rania and Deyana can't believe what they have found in the school library - a mysterious book that writes itself, just for them.

Jodie's life is difficult enough -her father is in a new relationship and she's trying to get used to having a step-sister. The advice the book is giving her is so confusing.

Who is the ghostly writer?

What does she want?


Life isn’t too easy for tall, clumsy looking Jodie Tayler.

Teased by the school bully and just recovering from her parents divorce are bad enough. Adjusting to weekends spent with Carla, Dad’s new fiancé, and Samantha, her daughter, are awful. They are stealing her Dad and she must stop it.

With the help of her good friends Rania and Deyana, and the discovery of a mysterious book hidden in the walls of the school library, Jodie may learn some of life's lessons.

A enthralling read for those about Jodie’s age, which is Year 6 level.

This book was included in our September 2013 Primary Fiction Standing Order selection.

Reviewed by Rob