By: Wendy Harmer
Published: September 2013
ISBN: 9781742838755


Everything is A-OK in the world of Ava Anne Appleton.

She lives with her mum, dad and her dog Angus, at number 3A Australia Avenue. Life is perfectly orderly - just how she likes it.

But then, the Appleton family heads off on a grand adventure for a whole year. Ava is horrified!

But when Ava meets the wild and zippy Zander, she starts to wonder - maybe this adventurous life, and a little bit of disorder, mightn't be so bad after all!


Ava is young girl who likes everything in her life to be perfect and in order. To her, life is just right.

So when her parents announce they are going on a year long trip around Australia in a motor home, she does not share their enthusiasm! She really just wants to continue life as she knows it.

When Ava and her dog Angus get lost on the first day, she is even more convinced that this trip will be a disaster.

But a chance meeting with a girl in the bush, who helps her find her way back to her parents, makes her realise that maybe being a bit more adventurous is not such a bad thing.

Maybe she will enjoy this trip after all!

A lovely read for your junior girls.

This book was included in our September 2013 Primary Fiction Standing Order selection.

Reviewed by Sam